Privacy Agreement

The following privacy agreement is our company’s(Here in after referred to as “us”) commitment to the protection of user privacy. Please read this agreement carefully to understand our management of your personal information.

This agreement includes the following:


This privacy agreement applies to all our services, and you will be protected and bound by this privacy agreement when you visit.

In order to use the company's services as safely as possible and to prevent risks within the scope and scope of the company's capabilities, you are required to provide your mobile phone number and name information. We promise not to disclose to any third party.

This privacy agreement describes the personal information we collect and how we will use it. The company promises to do everything possible to protect your personal information, and we will use your personal information strictly in accordance with the provisions of this privacy agreement. We guarantee that your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party under unnecessary circumstances. However, as we will describe later, in some cases with special requirements, your information may have to be provided to third parties. For the safe use of your personal information, you need to read this privacy carefully protocol. This privacy agreement applies to any service performed on our website. If you agree to this privacy agreement, you have agreed to our use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this privacy agreement. If you have any questions about this privacy agreement, please be sure to contact us.

2The information collected


In order to make you in an efficient and safe environment, we will collect different personal information from you according to the different service categories provided as needed. The content you need to collect will be clearly stated on the relevant page, including your name and phone number; but excluding your city of residence, postal address, postal code, email, ID card information, bank credit card and bank account information. We promise not to disclose to any third party.


3Use of information

Internal use


We collect your information mainly for the following:
1. Provide return visit service.
2. Provide customer service.


When a government agency requests this website to disclose personal data in accordance with legal procedures, the company will provide personal data in accordance with the requirements of law enforcement units or for public safety purposes. The company is exempted from any disclosure under the above circumstances.


4Information Security


We use procedural and hardware technology security strategies to protect your personal information, including program encryption, "firewall" and SSL encrypted transmission technology (the highest commercial encryption technology currently exists). Your credit card and bank account information will be stored on the computer in an encrypted form. We will use physical, electronic, and process forms to protect your private information. We will also regularly and rigorously test the system, and invite senior information security companies to authorize and improve our security systems and processes.


5Notice of change

Because there will be constant new business, this agreement will be changed accordingly. Regardless of any changes, we will not send you a notice to amend the privacy agreement. However, we will update our webpage in time to facilitate your review of these changes.

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